Turtle Back Zoo Tree Initiative FAQ


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Volunteers and hired staff of our planting partners will plant the trees. Staff will provide the volunteers with training on proper tree planting.

The Zoological Society of New Jersey works with planting partners to ensure that seedlings are planted and maintained with care in appropriate locations and under conditions in which they will thrive.

We will be working with two planting partners, one local and one abroad, to plant trees.

A variety of tree types will be planted, including large shade trees and other species native to their planting locations.

Trees will be planted in the winter months (December, January or February) for spring tree planting events and in the summer months (June and July) for fall tree planting events.

Trees will be planted both locally and abroad in high need areas. The trees planted will be suitable for each tree planting event in urban neighborhoods along streets, in gardens, places of worship, schools, etc.

The Zoological Society of New Jersey is committed to creating a healthy environment and improving the quality of life in urban areas of New Jersey by increasing the tree population.

The combination of the lack of sufficient tree cover, increased temperature, and increased energy usage levels contributes to the decline in both air and water quality creating an unhealthy cycle of urban living conditions.

For every membership transaction, one tree will be planted in a high-need area abroad, PLUS a matching financial contribution to a local tree planting effort.

The trees are guaranteed for one year post-planting. We will replace any tree that fails to survive, excluding trees damaged by storms, hurricanes, tornados, Nor’easters, citizens, vehicles, road salt, deer, lack of after care, etc.

The purchase of your membership benefits the Turtle Back Zoo Tree Initiative by increasing wildlife biodiversity; improving air and water quality,  improving soil health, and providing jobs in your local communities; and restoring community well-being.

You can support Turtle Back Zoo Tree Initiative, Turtle Back Zoo, and the Zoological Society of New Jersey through the purchase of an annual membership. Each membership purchase includes a plantable seed paper, so that you can make a difference in your own backyard! To receive your seed paper, please visit the membership office.

Have a question not listed above? Please email membership@zoologicalsocietyofnj.org.

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